UBM would strengthen its position on the stock exchange; the listed agricultural company aims to sell 1.8 million shares to give a wider audience the opportunity to participate in the […]

The evolution of raw material and energy prices, as well as the fluctuations in the forint exchange rate pose a major challenge for companies, but clever financial measures can significantly […]

Szauter-Sax Judit UBM

Judit Szauter-Sax, Head of Finance of UBM Group, graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Business Administration. As a career starter graduate, she gained professional and international experience […]

Horváth Péter UBM

After an overview of where we have started and the principles and values that have built UBM over the past thirty years, it is important to say a few words […]

Szarvasmarha fotó: Tóth Ákos telepéről, Rábasebesről

Two entries were prepared by UBM Feed Zrt. (and its partners) have won prestigious acknowledgments at the 30th Great Plain Animal Breeding and Farmers’ Days. The project “New approach to […]


UBM Holding Nyrt., a market-leading feed producer, and largest feed material trader in Hungary, continues its expansion in Italy. UBM Italy S.r.l., a newly established Milan-based subsidiary of the Group, […]

Horváth Péter UBM

As our blog followers have read plenty about in recent months, this spring the UBM Group unveiled its growth strategy and business plan for the 2025/26 financial year. Its main […]

Leo Lambrea

In-depth interview with Leo Lambrea, the CEO of UBM Agri Trade SRL UBM Holding Nyrt, Hungary’s largest trader of feed raw materials and market leader in the feed production sector, […]

UBM Holding Nyrt, Hungary’s largest trader of feed raw materials and market leader in the feed production sector, continues its expansion in Romania. UBM Agri Trade SRL, the Group’s Romanian […]

Insect producer Agroloop and feed producer UBM team up for insect mission The Hungarian insect meal producer Agroloop is ready to become one of the key players in Europe. Its […]

At UBM Group, we have excellent personal and business relations with our partners. The questions that come up in our conversations with them include “what is worth investing in” and […]

Janositz Balázs UBM

In 2023, one of the goals of the UBM Group is to further develop the regional commodity trading structure related to the feed industry through our offices in Romania, Serbia […]

Bustyaházai László UBM

What challenges does data analysis pose? What is the relationship between sustainability and knowledge transfer? What non-evident challenges does UBM face? We talked to László Bustyaházai, one of the owners […]

Horváth Péter UBM vezérigazgató

According to UBM’s latest annual report, the share of export sales increased from 47% to 48.5% in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. This share demonstrates UBM Group’s ambition to further strengthen […]